Diamond Ring Productions
By Countdown Productions, Inc.
 ​​​​Wedding Videography & Editing​
​Based in Dallas, Texas

Shoot & Edit like a TV Show / Documentary
30+ Years of video production experience
Affordable / Budget Sensitive
HD Cameras & Pro equipment
​Various Package Prices

Capturing cherished memories of your wedding is the reason to hire professionals to capture the emotion, intimacy and celebration of your wedding day. Our approach is to simplify the process by sticking to the basics of videotaping your wedding and reception. Documenting these precious few hours is our focus and editing your video that and will be forever cherished and shared with family and friends is our goal. Our approach is to focus on the essentials that allows us to price our services with your budget in mind! this makes the cost of the wedding video very affordable.  

We use small, professional HD cameras and our crew is professional, neat and unobtrusive. We meet with you prior to the wedding to discuss the details and event flow to make sure your wedding moments are videotaped from your vows to your chosen reception highlights. We discuss with you a point by point "shot list" and build the relationship that ensures everything on your special day is documented from start to finish . 

On your wedding day, we set up then capture your vows and ceremony. The reception is party time and we know how to get the interviews, stage and videotape those special moments, and ensure that the decorative elements and atmosphere are included in your video presentation. We can also set up a video interview booth for those personal and emotional well wishes from your guests and family and add these to your final edited presentation. 

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